How to bypass YouTube blocking

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How to bypass YouTube blocking

YouTube is a popular site on which to watch all sorts of interesting videos. Therefore it is irritating, in some countries, to visit this site, and to find that it has been blocked by the provider, or even by the government of some particular country. However, such an arbitrary infringement of one's personal rights can be bypassed with the right methods.

Why does YouTube get blocked?

The reasons can be political, social, or economic.

· In some cases, a court decision was made to block YouTube;

· The site can also be blocked by the law enforcement agencies of a particular country;

· YouTube Premium service is blocked;

· There is a restriction on viewing by age;

· The rules for using the hosting of the entire channel or a single video have been violated.

Despite there being any number of justifiable reasons for blocking videos on YouTube by the norms of the law, ordinary users suffer first of all. Often, the user does not realize that he is viewing content that violates the letter of the Law. Fortunately, ordinary YouTube lovers have more than one way to get around these imposed prohibitions.

How to unblock YouTube

Methods differ depending on each individual type of blocking.

Bypassing a block on the entire YouTube service

You can solve this problem by using a VPN or the TOR browser. In the case of the browser, you may encounter slow video loading times. This is why a VPN service is the better option in this case.

YouTube video blocked in one country

This type of blocking is the simplest to bypass. You only need to change the IP address of your country to one that does not prohibit the content of the site. You don't need to log out of your hosting account for this.

Changing the IP address is done in several ways:

· Installing VPN extensions (Hola, FreeVPN, etc.).

· Connection to a proxy server;

· Appling Onion Routing and Tor Browser.

· Using VPN clients (IPVanish,, ExpressVPN, etc.).

You can use any of these methods to view videos on YouTube.

Age locks

Part of the video might be intended to be viewed by people of a certain age. This is necessary to keep young minds safe from violence and profanity. YouTube determines a user's age by checking these details against a logged-in Google account, or on the website itself. You can bypass age blocking using different methods:

1. Getting direct access to the video. To do this, copy the URL of the desired file and replace it in the address. The text "watch? V =" is changed to "v /". The video will become available without first checking user data.

2. Use a third party site. To do this, add "nsfw" to the address of the desired video file before the word YouTube. After that, it will be possible to watch the desired content without age restrictions.

YouTube premium service blocking

Certain premium segments may not be playable in certain countries. Russia is included in this number. This type of blocking is bypassed through VPN services.

Since these premium videos are usually paid content, it is well worth it to subscribe to a VPN service. The money saved on watching supposedly paid content more than recompenses the price of the VPN service in a time that ranges from a week to a month.

Free VPN

· Windscribe provides users with 10 GB / month for free.

· issues a key for free use of the site for a period of 24 hours. A free key is issued once per email.

· VPN Monster. The service is similar to the previous one with one difference. Free VPN is issued for 30 days with a limit on speed and available servers.

· TunnelBear. To start your free use, you need to register on the site and install the application. Free traffic is limited to 500 MB / month.

· Hotspot Shield provides users with 750 MB of free traffic per day. The disadvantage is the lack of a choice of the country through which the routed connection is transferred, and a periodic decrease in the data transfer rate.

Blocking for violation of the terms of use

In cases of a reported violation of copyright law, the YouTube administration blocks the respective video.

In this case, users see on their screens the message "This video is not available" or "The video was blocked for violating the terms of use." Video content with such messages cannot be viewed in any way using known bypass methods.


This browser is considered one of the safest methods of hiding one's IP address. It allows any Internet content to be accessed anonymously. The disadvantage is the low speeds it deliver. Using a browser along with a VPN will help fix this. This combination will provide online anonymity with adequate speeds.


At their core, proxies are like VPNs. The difference lies in the level of reliability and security, since the data sent through their services is not encrypted. There are a lot of proxy servers in the public domain, and setting up the connection is not difficult.


In theory, viewing video content that has been blocked through anonymizers is possible. However, the speeds and ping levels are low. The connection periodically drops. Such programs can also add a lot of advertising, which is a negative.

REFERENCE! Most free and some paid anonymizers do not work with YouTube.

Outgoing Internet traffic is not encrypted. Only the IP address is changed.

The most popular anonymizers on the web:





How to block YouTube yourself

You could block YouTube yourself, in case you wish to restrict access to the site for children, for example, including non-censored adult and violent content.

You can block YouTube yourself in several ways.

Safe mode YouYube

To enable safe mode, you need to:

· Log in to the site and click on the account icon in the upper right corner;

· In the window that opens, scroll the page down to the very bottom;

· Find a line with a choice of language, country, safe mode, and history of visits;

· Check the ON - OFF position opposite the "safe mode";

· When the function is off, click on the triangle next to "OFF" and activate it.

Browser add-ons

Browsers have free plugins that restrict access to sites. The ban on visiting certain places on the Internet is controlled by a list. The user independently creates a list of sites that users of the browser are prevented from visiting.

REFERENCE! the most popular extension is Block site.

After installing this plugin, you need to visit the "Options" tab. On this tab, add the hosting address to the filter - You can restrict access to the list settings in the extension by setting a password.

IMPORTANT! The extension will block the selected sites in the browser where it is installed.

Firewalls like InternetSecurity

Using an antivirus program will securely block YouTube. It is best to use antivirus software from large and trusted manufacturers. The advantage of using a Firewall to block a site is that the block tends to work equally well on all devices using that particular connection.

1. Kaspersky InternetSecurityNod32 Smart security. Depending on the selected license, you can limit access to YouTube on a maximum of 5 devices.

2. Avast Firewall. The free program protects only one device. When purchasing the maximum program set, protection can be extended to 10 devices.

3. Ashampoo Firewall Free

On a router

Blocking access to a site using a router is very convenient. From one device (PC or mobile phone), you can limit the access to one or more sites for all or some of the devices connected to the router.

The process for setting limits is almost the same for all models. You must first make changes to the settings of the router, for example TP Link:

1. In the address bar of the browser, enter "" and press Enter.

2. Enter your login and password in the authorization form. By default, the values are set to "admin".

3. After authorization, on the left side of the screen, select "Parental Control".

4. Slide the switch to "Enable" to activate parental controls.

5. Select the parent device from which adjustments will be made.

REFERENCE! To install the parent computer from which you are logged in, you need to click "Copy To Above". To specify another device, you will need to enter its MAC address.

After completing these steps, you can proceed to creating a rule for visiting specific sites:

1. Click “Add New”.

2. In the window that opens, set the required parameters.

· MAC Address of the Child PC. You need to specify the MAC address of the device for which the site will be prohibited. To prohibit all devices connected to the router from visiting YouTube, the field remains empty.

· Allowed Domain Name. Up to 8 URLs can be entered in the field. The full website address is optional. The word YouTube is enough. With this version of restrictions, all sites containing this word will be blocked.

· Website Description. The field is intended to describe the site in English.

· Effective Time. Allows you to schedule the execution of a deny action. By default, a value is selected via which the rule is executed at any time. Each site can follow its own schedule. This is controlled by the Access Control tab under Schedule, by clicking “Add New”. The "Schedule Description" field must be filled in with a description, which will later be the name of the created schedule. The new name is displayed in the Effective Time list.

· Status. Choosing the "Disabled" option will allow you to visit all Internet resources. An exception will be the sites indicated in the list. Access to them will be denied. Selecting "Enabled" opens access to the resources specified in the "Allowed Domain Name" column. Sites that are not specified in this field will be closed for visiting. This function extends its effect to the MAC addresses specified in the list.

REFERENCE! Upon completion of all settings, you must click "Save".

IMPORTANT! The manipulations carried out in the router settings allow you to both prohibit YouTube and to block the application.

So, these are the most common methods of bypassing blocks on YouTube, and which will allow you to view the videos you want. Most of the methods are entirely free of cost, and do not require any special programming skills. These methods can be used by ordinary users, as they are simple and easy to use.